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Change Amendment Type After Selected

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Change Amendment Type After Selected

In current functionality when you are creating an amendment to a subscription in the UI once the Amendment Type has been saved it cannot be changed. If the wrong Amendment Type has been selected, the only way to correct this is to delete the "draft" amendment and start over.


It would be very useful to be able to change the Amendment Type rather than having to back out the partial change.


There are two cases where i often wish i had this function:

1) If I start an New / Update Product amendment and then realize that I need to update the Terms and Conditions first

2) I often attempt to Update a Rate Plan only to find out that the change i need requires me to Remove it and add a New Product instead


In both of these cases getting to my end result requires multiple additional steps just to change the Amendment Type.

ie. Additional Steps:

1) Delete current draft amendment

2) Return to Account Page

3) Reopen Subscription

4) Create new Amendment


If the option to change Amendment Type was available after being selected, it would drastically improve workflow. I would imagine the feature like so:

1) Click Edit

2) Change Amendment Type


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Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

Thanks for the usability tip.  I agree this is useful.  Just to be transparent, this will be in our backlog, but unlikely to be available in the short to medium term.