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Add custom fields to subscription's Mass Order Entry

Add custom fields to subscription's Mass Order Entry

Feature Request: Currently, subscription's Mass Order Entry does not support custom fields.  Zuora should allow users to include custom fields in subscription's Mass Order.

Reference Number: DE7918

Business Need: Users may want to import custom fields to when using subscription's Mass Order Entry feature.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Indeed, it would be very useful to add custom fields to the subscription import, for example to indicate the former invoice number when you're migrating a previous environment to Zuora.

Valued Scholar

We really need this.  We sell in bundled packages to customers with multiple facilities who want everything billed on one invoice. In order to have the invoice split out each location subscription as a line item we needed to setup a custom field for bundle name that we mark on the subscription level by product.  It is incredibly time consuming to enter these.

Senior Tutor

It's amazing this has not been implemented, currently we are manually uploading up to 900 subscriptions per month due to the inability to bulk upload. The Zuora documentation does not mention this limitation anywhere. I am not sure which customer does not use custom subscription fields. Also the 'Export Mass Order Entry' does not work so I need to setup a report to provide that same information, I am told it will not be fixed.