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Ability to preview and create subscriptions with chosen QTY for usage based charges

1. Summary of the enhancement
It would be great to be able to preview and create a subscription with an initial QTY for usage based charges.

2. What is the business problem?
Trying to preview and create a subscription with a tiered pricing charge model with an initial QTY that is chosen by the customer. The customer should be able to see what his charges will be based on the different values chosen for QTY. Basically the same as the preview subscription ui where you can change the QTY.

3. What is the business impact?
We cannot create the product with a tiered pricing model which seems to be the correct way, so we have to do a lot of extra back-end coding to get it to work as expected.

4. What is the proposed solution?
Add a Usage object to the SubscriptionData object, which will be displayed when previewed, and then it gives the ability to create a subscription with any initial usage.

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Would you be able provide additional document on preview with usage object?