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Scheduled report embedded in email body & nicely formatted - instead of just CSV attachment or link

Would be very nice to have the option for reports to appear nicely formatted in the body of an email, rather than just attached as an (unformatted) CSV or link to a page in Zuora.


Salesforce do it! They give you the option to have a report embeded in an email, not just as an attachment.


This makes it much easier to:


  • Forward to colleagues without the need to explain the CSV or format it yourself to make it more readable
  • View the report on mobile devices

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 11.39.29.png

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We have currently set up recurring weekly reports for management and they don't want to have to log into a Zuora account and keep track of a password. I agree the current unformatted CSV attachment option leaves a lot to be desired.