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Run Report Without Saving

Hi there,


Is there a way for us to just run a report without saving? We do a lot of ad-hoc reports that are one-time and it seems like an additional step to name the file and then run the report.




I agree @WD-kenlee 


My report folder is flooded with 1 time reports which I never have time to clean up.  Salesforce has the ability, in their reporting, to create the report and run without saving.  It's very useful functionality.

Zuora Product Team

Wanted to join this comment thread to say we hear you on this request and think it is really good feedback. I'm marking it as "Under Consideration".





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Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This would be very helpful. It's so annoying to choose a name and folder and doing the whole saving before running a report just to test or check something.


How many more years will this be under consideration? Should be an easy fix. 

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@brzhang, we use data source for one time reports. I assume this was the 'construction' for one time reports?