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Reporting on attachments

Hey guys,


we would appreciate it very much if Zuora gets the ability to run reports on the attached files in subscriptions or other database objects.


Would be very helpful in analyzing for ex. all subscription without any attached contract or all accounts without a valid SEPA direct debit mandate or something else.


The only way to filter it out at the moment is to create a custom field and enter it manually there for all objects. This is very impracticable in the daily business and not a really good solution for everyone.


We would also appreciate it if Zuora gets more logic into the custom fields, like formulas or rollups, like in Salesforce for ex.


Best regards,


Savvy Scholar

Agree with this. The custom fields are no good for anything more than a word or two (because for example you can't do multi-line text boxes) so any good amount of info needs to be in an attachment but those are not reportable on. Perhaps the custom object feature that's coming may help with this? (cautiously hopeful)


@TrixabelleCP thanks for joining


you're so right. haven't heard anything about the new custom object so far.

are there some information available already?

Savvy Scholar

@TrixabelleCP thanks a lot. I'll have a look at it
@Thoeff this might help us in the future. Let's have a look at it