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Contracted Order MRR (and a way to see this on a time series basis)

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Contracted Order MRR (and a way to see this on a time series basis)

The concept of Contracted MRR already exists under the Rate Plan Charge architecture.  The metric is called CMRR.  Conceptually it gives you an insight into MRR + MRR that is contracted to start in the future.  This is a great metric, especially for GTM motions where sales bookings are oftentimes many months ahead of start date of the subscription (e.g., Enterprise with ramp deals, or Enterprise with a few months free pilots before start of subscription).


CMRR gives you that visibility.  The issue today is that 1) CMRR is always a point in time, which makes reporting historical growth and performance extremely difficult, especially for business with Enterprise customers 2) CMRR has the same RPC limitation that cannot factor recurring discounts into the MRR number.


Order MRR solves the recurring discount limitation found in RPC architecture, but it doesn't solve the Contracted Order MRR view.


All in all, time-series view is still missing.


The ask here is this

1) Contracted Order MRR

2) a way to report (natively or through data exports) on snapshots of Contracted Order MRR