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Zuora for Salesforce Release (Quotes 9.17) - Push to all 9.16+ Orgs

Zuora Staff

We will be pushing a Zuora for Salesforce maintenance release (Quotes 9.17) to all 9.16+ Sandbox orgs after 6 pm Pacific on August 27th.


The push upgrade to all 9.16+ Production orgs will be scheduled for after 6 pm Pacific on September 3rd.


This upgrade will be deployed to orgs on Quotes version 9.16 and 9.16.1, and is inclusive of changes in Quotes 9.16.1. Please see the Release Notes for details.


Is it possible to get these notifications earlier than day of sandbox deploy?


For July our sandbox was on 9.12 when the notice on 7-23 https://community.zuora.com/t5/Release-Notifications/Zuora-for-Salesforce-Release-Quotes-9-16-Push-t...


Since I wanted the release I created a ticket and got the links for 9.15.2 so we would get auto updated to 9.16

I installed 9.15.2 before the 6PM PST cuttoff on 7-23 yet our sandbox is still on 9.15.2 and not 9.16 like I expected.


So I look in the release notes and it states "Maintenance Release 9.16 (Release Date: 2019-07-22)"


If I look for the 9.17 release it states "Maintenance Release 9.17 (Release Date: 2019-08-20)"


Does this mean that the sandboxes were updated on the 20th or is this a typo?


I am frustrated because I want our sandbox to have the latest release and I feel if I update manually to 16 we still won't get the 17 version.


Zuora Alumni

Hi @MaggieL Thank you for your feedback. I am taking this back to our internal teams to have a better process in Future.

To answer few of your other points, ZQuote 9.17 was internally released on 2019-08-20. We were still working on the documentation part before it could be published and auto-pushed.



So if we update to 9.16 now we should get latest tonight?

Can you message me the links?

Zuora Alumni

Hi @MaggieL unfortunately , if  you upgrade to 9.16 now , your org will not be  auto pushed to 9,17 this evening. Based on my checking with Engineering, it's a scheduled push based on whoever was on 9.16 when it was scheduled ( I am trying to work with internal teams to define and publish this ahead of time) 

Can I message you 9.17 installation link directly?

Sorry for all the inconvenience





@doyeli that would be great. Thanks for explaining about it already being scheduled - that makes sense now.

Zuora Alumni

Thanks. Sent you the link @MaggieL 


Hi guys,


we're still running on 9.8 and haven't got any update so far.

What do we have to do to get the latest version running in our production?


Best regards,



Just got the update link from Zuora Support. Have just to find out if it's only an update of the old installation or if it's a complete new installation of it, where we have to re-adjust the installation afterwards. You know that?

Zuora Alumni

Hi @MK_STP If you have ZQuote 9.8 installed and received instalaltion of link of latest package 9.17, it is an upgrade and not a new instalaltion. Please review the release notes to understand the new feature/resolved issues between 9.8 and 9.17. Also pls upgrade your sandbox and test before upgrading production


Thank you