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Zuora for Salesforce Maintenance Release (Quotes 8.2 & 360 4.2)

Zuora Alumni

A Zuora for Salesforce Q4 '16 maintenance release (Quotes 8.2 & 360 4.2) is now available.


This release will not be pushed to Salesforce orgs, so please contact Support for the installation links.


Quotes 8.2 & 360 4.2 provide several enhancements and bug fixes. Please refer to the Quotes 8.2 release notes and 360 4.2 release notes for details.


Can someone explain what exactly is meant by the whitelist field set feature added in this release?  I have read the release notes and the configuration description but I am not understanding this feature and it's impact on Z-Quotes. It sounds important.

Zuora Staff

Hi @MaggieL,


Prior to 8.2, the Quote.getInstance() global method and Product Selector JavaScript Plugin retrieved values from every custom field for Quotes by default.


For performance and limitation reasons, these global methods will now only retrieve values of:

  • Standard fields
  • Zuora Managed fields
  • Fields configured in any Zuora Managed Fieldsets
  • Fields defined in GlobalCustomFieldDefinition
  • Custom fields included in this whitelist fieldset

The categories above already cover the out of the box functionality in Z-Quotes. The whitelist is for customizations that are A.) using these methods and B.) were using them to read values on fields not included in any of these other groups. 


Hope this helps,



Perfectly clear, thank you.