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Zuora Staff

The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

    • EU Sandbox Release: from 11/07/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 11/12/2018 (Monday) PT 

    • US Sandbox Release: from 11/07/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 11/12/2018 (Monday) PT
    • EU Production Release: from 11/14/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 11/19/2018 (Monday) PT
    • US Production Release: from 11/14/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 11/19/2018 (Monday) PT

No service disruption is expected for this release.


Release Notes for release 234 will be published on our Knowledge Center right after Sandbox release, will post release status and release notes link as this article comments. 


Once again it's a range of dates and we have no way to know which version we are running on. Please please please can you pick a single date - or implement https://community.zuora.com/t5/Admin-Settings-Ideas/Show-the-currently-running-release-version-in-th... so we can tell the version number.  Even Salesforce manage to do this! 


Where can we find release notes?

Zuora Staff

Release 234 was deployed to EU and US Sandbox successfully. Release Notes for release 234 are avaialble on our Knowledge Center soon https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/AA_Whats_New/AA_Zuora_Release_Notes

Zuora Staff

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your great suggestions. I agree with your recommendation. I will talk to internal teams about this requirements soon.




Zuora Staff

Release 234 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully. 

Seems like me and my collegues are unable to log-in to Zuora production since the release. Nothing happens when clicking on the log-in button.


Yep - I can confirm that https://eu.zuora.com/apps/newlogin.do doesn't work. No images loaded.


Chrome's dev tools seem to suggest something.  Chrome latest now distrusts an old Symantec root cert (I opend a support request on this for reporting recently).  Edge browser works ok (as I think will Firefox) as a workaround.





Update October 17, 2018Chrome 70 has now been released to the Stable Channel, and users will start to see full screen interstitials on sites which still use certificates issues by the Legacy Symantec PKI. Initially this change will reach a small percentage of users, and then slowly scale up to 100% over the next several weeks.


The bit in red means it may work for some people.


Support SME

Hello @Nigel ,


Thanks for reporting this. Just like you've mentioned before, the suggested workaround is indeed to use Edge or Firefox if you're being affected by this.


I've actually worked on this last week with our Ops as we've detected some impact before, and that time everyone who was affected confirmed this to be resolved across the EU environment. I am curious it returned now, so I'll check with Ops once again.

Support SME

Just confirming here as well: Symantec certificate-related issues should be resolved now!


@Viktor Thanks - as I put on the ticket the login now works, but reporting is still using an older cert (e.g. https://zconnect.eu.zuora.com/reportbuilder/reportingLanding.html )




Reporting also seems to be fixed now Robot Happy