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Upcoming Usage Charge Models Release: September 2020

Zuora Product Team

Three new usage charge models are expected to be made available to all Enterprise and Nine Edition customers on September 30, 2020. Growth Edition customers are encouraged to talk to their Zuora representative about the “Advanced Billing Module,” which includes these charge models.

The new charge models include Pre-Rate Pricing, High Water Mark Pricing, and Multi-Attribute Pricing. There are no UI or API changes to existing charge models. To use the new charge models, just configure new charges using the charge models inside the Product Catalog. Please read more about each of these charge models in the Knowledge Center.

Zuora Product Team

As of today, September 30th, most customers on the Enterprise and Nine Editions will see the new usage charge models (Pre-Rated Pricing, High Water Mark Pricing, and Multi-Attribute Pricing) in the Product Catalog, when creating a new usage charge. If you'd like to disable these new charge model, please go to Billing Settings and uncheck them.


Growth Edition customers, please contact your Zuora representative, or Zuora Support, to discuss how you can get access to the Advanced Billing Module, which includes the new usage charge models and Ramps.


For those customers using Multi-Entity, please bear with us as we finish up a couple of remaining items. If you'd like to discuss these charge models, please reach out to Zuora Support.


Lastly, if you don't see the new usage charge models in your Zuora tenant, and you're not a Growth Edition or Multi-Entity customer, then also please reach out to Zuora Support.


If you do get a chance to use the new usage charge models, please leave us feedback in the Product Ideas Board! We'd much appreciate it!




Can you give an estimate on how long until this will be available to Multi-Entity customers? Is it months or weeks?

Zuora Product Team

Hi @hwesternes, we're working on it currently. There are two parts to the work: 1) making sure the charge models are available in all entities within a multi-entity tenant, and 2) making sure that Product Sharing works with the new charge models.

It is expected that the work will take a month or so to complete, but that's just an early estimate.

I'd love to hear from the Community here if Product Sharing is critical, as we'll likely release support for item 1 before item 2.

However, in the interim, we're able to turn the new charge models on in *one* of the entities within a multi-entity tenant, if, for example, you'd like to test in Sandbox. If this is interesting option for you, please reach out to Zuora Support and ask them for the new charge models in the one entity that you're interested in.

Hope this update helps. I'll provide additional updates as we make progress.

Thank you for your patience!

Savvy Scholar

Hi @lukasz 

We are not using Product Sharing so we would be glad if number 1 was implement. I hope @hwesternes shares the same opinion 🙂