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Billing Application Release 268: February 2020

Zuora Staff

The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

  • EU Sandbox Release: from 02/12/2020 (Wednesday) PT to 02/13/2020 (Thursday) PT  
  • US Sandbox Release: from 02/12/2020 (Wednesday) PT to 02/13/2020 (Thursday) PT
  • EU Production Release: from 02/18/2020 (Tuesday) PT to 02/20/2020 (Thursday) PT
  • US Production Release: from 02/18/2020 (Tuesday) PT to 02/20/2020 (Thursday) PT


No service disruption is expected for this release.

Release Notes for release 268 will be published under Zuora Release Notes after Sandbox release. Release status and release notes link will be posted as this article comments. 

Zuora Staff

Release 268 was deployed to the EU and US Sandbox successfully.


What actually changed? The release notes say  "new Zuora Billing Features, enhancements and resolved issues" but https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Zuora_Release_Notes/A_Zuora_Billing_Release_Notes/21_2020_New_Feat... doesn't actually seem to list anything?

Zuora Documentation

@jmbillings Updated R268 release notes are now available. See Zuora_Billing_Release_268_February_2020 for more information. 

Valued Scholar

Nope, still no details on what actually changed, new features, what got resolved, etc.


Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 08.46.21.png

Zuora Staff

Release 268 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully.