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Announcing Zuora for Salesforce Maintenance Release (Quotes 7.1.1 & 360 3.1)

Zuora Alumni

A Zuora for Salesforce Q1 '16 maintenance release (Quotes 7.1.1 & 360 3.1) is now available.


This maintenance release will not be pushed to Salesforce orgs, so please contact Support for the installation links.  The installation link for Quotes 7.0.2 will be deprecated, however we will continue to provide support for clients who have already installed Quotes 7.0.2.


The Zuora for Salesforce Q1 '16 maintenance release (Quotes 7.1.1 & 360 3.1) includes the following enhancements and resolved issues.  Please refer to the Quotes 7.1.1 release notes and 360 3.1 release notes for details.


Quotes 7.1.1 Enhancements:

  • Zuora Rules Engine integrated into Zuora Quotes
  • Tenant Settings updated to Enable Bundling and Zuora Rules Engine
  • Ability to determine whether a Rate Plan Charge is added, removed, updated, or original on a quote
  • Existing plugins supported in CPQ Product Selector
  • Quotes in any status sent to Z-Billing


Quotes 7.1.1 Resolved Issues:

  • Quote Preview not populated the Previewed MRR and Previewed TCV for migrated quotes
  • Quote PDFs contain incorrect Quote Metrics values


360 3.1 Enhancement:

  • Length of IBAN in Payment Method in Salesforce increased to match the corresponding field in Zuora


360 3.1 Resolved Issue:

  • Invoice PDF files generated in the correct naming format