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Announcement: Zuora will be deprecating non-standard legacy endpoints for API calls.

Zuora Staff

What is this change?

Our Technology teams have conducted an analysis which show many customers are using legacy endpoints (listed below) for API integration with Zuora. To ensure consistent operational and security controls, we will be deprecating these legacy endpoints soon.


Legacy endpoints:

  • zuora.com: this is a legacy endpoint that will be deprecated.

  • zforsf.zuora.com: this endpoint is dedicated to Zuora for Salesforce integration only and will be whitelisted to Salesforce IP addresses only.

What action do I need to take?

If you are using any of the above endpoints to make API calls, they may not be accessible once they are deprecated. If you are using any of the endpoints above please replace the endpoint with standard Zuora endpoint as soon as possible. You can continue to use zforsf.zuora.com for Salesforce integration only.


Legacy Endpoints

Valid Endpoints




api.zuora.com (SOAP API)

rest.zuora.com (REST API)





You are welcome to contact Zuora Support if you need more details on specific tenant-id and source IP address for connections using legacy endpoints.


What will this change affect?

This change will affect all incoming web browser based traffic as well as API traffic to both API Sandbox and Production. 


When will this change take place?

Exact date and time will be published soon, and we would appreciate your feedback.

Zuora Staff

Hi folks


Just to clarify a bit more.  We've found some customer integrations are using a non-standard path - https://zuora.com/v1/rest/... instead of our standard andpoint https://rest.zuora.com/v1/rest/... - and similar issue with customers using https://zforsf.zuora.com/ path outside of salesforce.  Existing integrations using standard documented endpoints will remain unchanged when we decide to make this change (TBD).






Will  https://api.zuora.com/v1/rest/ continue to function for rest calls?

Zuora Staff

The only endpoints impacted are the ones listed as "Legacy endpoints" in the original article.  api.zuora.com is a documented Zuora endpoint and will not be affected by this issue

New Student

What about the legacy/old REST API? is api.zuora.com/rest/v1 still acceptable? What about www.zuora.com/apps ?

Zuora Staff

 Hi @kgillettesg


This does not impact customers using api.zuora.com or www.zuora.com as these are both valid and documented endpoints for production.

Zuora Staff

Is there a newer PT1 endpoint we should be using?