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Greater accounting granularity by assigning additional accounting codes to transactions

Merchants require the ability to further drill down into their accounting reporting by assigning additional accounting codes to transactions for greater granularlity.


Ability to assign additional accounting codes to any transaction type in Zuora.


Example Transactions that require greater granularlity:

  • Bank or FX Charges on a payment - recieve a bank statement that includes bank charges and FX gain/loss.  The payment created in Zuora would allocate an amount for payment, and also amounts for bank charges and FX gain/loss.
  • VAT codes per region - In Europe, tax (vat) is reported and accounted by country, rather than by a single accounting code.
  • Cost and/or Accrual Accounting - product charges or costs may be allocated to different cost centres. Revenue accruals need to be reported.
  • Payment installments - VAT reported on the initial transaction, as well as cost centres etc, all subsequent transactions are payment only.


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Zuora Staff

Agreed, I've had all my customers requesting this. Eg. Evaluate, Consignor. This would be really good to have.