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Currency Management

Currency Management

currently when we introduce a new product and rate plans etc.  Product Managemnt just prices it out in USD.  So we have to then look up the current exchange rate to get the EUR, GBP an CAD prices and then we set up the rate plans and charges etc.


And then 6 months from now - the sales team is quoting in EUR.  and if you were  to do the conversion back to USD - it wouldn't match the list price in USD.


And then again say the purchase isn't made for another month or so, the XE rate is yet again different then what was used when the product was introduced, when it was actually billed.


So basically there are 3 conversions going on - when the product is created, whenthe product is quoted, and when the prouct is billed. 


It's kind of painful, each month when the exchange rate is updated in the system - to them make all the adjsutments on the products as well. the only way i know is to export the product catalog, adjust the pricing and reimport. 


Option A.  when the exchange rates are updated in the system - that it then also updates the pricing on the rate plans.


Option B. only have pricing in USD.  and then give the option on the quote or something to convert at the time to other currency - using the most recent conversion rates in the system.  and when then quote is sent to ZBilling - it keeps the same rate, that i was quoted on. 


** Our cusotmers want to see quotes in EUR, GBP etc. 

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Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
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