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I want to be able to write a memo to the Topics that I subscribed and bookmarked

I wondered whether to add this to the Topic below, but since this request has nothing to do with the searching, I will post this here:



Community has a mechanism called "Subscribe" and a mechanism called "Bookmark".
I know that we can search post registered in these two from "View Profile" > "My Settings".
It is useful for re-reading articles subscribed or bookmarked in the past.


However, for those who do not speak English as a native speaker (like me), it is hard to find out which Topics I want to re-read from this list.
I began to think so particularly recently. More than 100 Topics of "Subscribe" and "Bookmark" are accumulated. Just finding out what Post I want to re-read consumes time.


So I would like to propose. I want to be able to write a memo to the Posts that I subscribed and bookmarked as shown in the image below:



If I can attach a memo, it will be much easier to reach the article I want to re-read.

Community Manager

Re: I want to be able to write a memo to the Topics that I subscribed and bookmarked

This is a great idea and I can see how it'd be useful for users who'd like to save lots of resources that they find in the Community. I'll add this to the list of updates for us to look into!


In the meantime, have you had the chance to check out Evernote? It's basically a digital notebook where you can save web pages and add notes to it. I use it for a lot of Community references and save my links in different notebooks. The coolest feature is that you can search through all of your notes.  Here's an Evernote tutorial from Tutsplus and here's a shorter Evernote tutorial.


I'll keep you updated on this though. Thanks @yamasaki1ma and keep the feedback coming!

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