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Z Billing > Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates > Invoice Due | 30 Days Past Due

Z Billing > Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates > Invoice Due | 30 Days Past Due

Can we customize template to also send at +60 + 90 Days AR ?

Thanks !


Yes you can. Simply select "add new notification" at the top of the page and select the event category "Invoice Due"


You will then be able to select any number of days after the invoice is due to send out the notification. (incidentally this same notification can also do days before its due as well).


Then simply check the email box and select the template you want. You can either use the existing template or customize the template per notification (i.e. use stronger wording on the 60 or 90 days late emails)

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Brilliant, thanks your instructions are easy to follow !

I'll ask team to test multiple iterations +30,60,90 days in sandbox to understand the customer experience before launch but thanks so much for the advise !

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Sorry hit road block:


Can we filter on who AR Aging Notifications go out to ?


We do not want the same notifications going out to Enterprise & Net 10 customers as our standard customers. Enterprise bills in separate Batch so could customize by Batch # if thats a feature, unfortunaltey net 10 customers are peppered throughout all Batches 


Thanks in advance, again !


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Hello @leemariemcmahon ,


Yes, this is possible!


You can configure different communication profiles, then you can assign these profiles to your customers based on your notification needs.




Then you can change your customer account's profile to the same:



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So if I filter on say Batch 5 these notices only go out to Batch 5 customers ?

Like wise if I filter on Net 10 default payment method i can filter off those cusotmers ?

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The communication profile is set on a per customer basis. So you simply set it on the individual customer based on your own needs. I.e. you could apply the "agressive notification profile" to all Net10 customers in Batch 3. But the actual setting of the profiles is a manual dropdown menu. Of course you could also automate this via the API.




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@leemariemcmahon not exactly, you can't trigger notifications based on batch or payment term.


What you can do is, identify all customers who are on e.g.

- a specific batch

- a specific type e.g. Enterprise

- a specific payment term


...and then update said customer account's Communication Profile like shown on my second screenshot.


E.g. create a profile called "Enterprise", and then configure this profile for all your select enterprise customers.

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Thanks I will let team know: Possible to enable filters ie:

  • a specific batch
  • a specific type e.g. Enterprise
  • a specific payment term

Super Cool !!!


However we need to set up communication profiles  (we currently have none, just default)

Understand the change needs to occurs at the account level too but we can use API calls to mass update individual accounts


REALLY APPRECITATE YOUR HELP JACOB & VICTOR !! ~communication profiles are a big extra step( We have about 25k accounts) but once configured perhaps we could use for markieting promos too Can take this back to team CHEERS to you both !!!

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