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UsageSummary On Invoice Shows Rate Plans for 0 Value Line Items

Invoice Templates have an option "Do not display zero value invoice line items:" This effectively hides any Invoice Items which have 0 value from the PDF. However while this hides the line items from the InvoiceItem table, it does not hide them in other areas of the Invoice, such as the UsageSummary.


This causes confusion with customers who look at the Charge Summary section of an invoice and only see charge related Line Items, and then look at the details of the invoice and see seemingly non-related charges.


Selecting "Do not display zero value invoice line items:" when an Invoice Template is created should hide these items from all parts of the invoice, not just the InvoiceItem table.

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Good idea! I put this in the product backlog.



Is there a timeline for this to be implemented?


It's very useful and I believe a lot of Zuora clients need it in order to not pollute their invoices with information that's not needed.