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Silent notification option for specific invoices

Silent notification option for specific invoices

We would like to have the opportunity to not send any automatic reminders on specific invoices. For example, if we have an ongoing discussion with a customer regarding a specific invoice we would like to silent that invoice so that no further reminders are being sent on that invoice. However, the customer may have other unpaid invoices which should recieve reminders. In this case you do not want to change the customer's communication profile, but only the invoice which is under dispute. 


Zuora recommending setting up communication profiles to filter these customers. But the issue is not the entire customer account nor the entire customer's outstanding payment, but only a specific invoice. If we would send an automatic notification regarding service termination that would harm our relationship with the customer. Basically, it would be a good idea if you could turn off notifications on specific invoices rather than change number of notifications on the customer account. 


Thank you.

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I agree with being able to stop automatic notices by invoice number. It would also be great to be able silent the account level as well, without having to go through the steps of changing the communication profile. For example: If there was a checkbox option to "Silent notices" that are sent to the customer. Whenever the checkbox is blank, notices should follow the notifations configured within the settings.