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Prevent invoices being modified after posting

Prevent invoices being modified after posting

Once invoices are posted, they should not be modified. However we have noticed that if the Bill-To/Sold-To contact details on the invoice billing account are updated, then all historical invoices show the 'new' contacts rather than than the contacts that were there when the invoice was originally posted.


This causes confusion in the UI and in reporting. To get the original contact information in reports we have to use a different field called 'Bill-To Snapshot' but in the UI there is no way to see the 'true' invoice contacts.


Worse, it is possible to regenerate the invoice PDF at any time, including years after the original was paid. If this happens after the contacts have been updated, the 'latest version' of the invoice PDF is a Paid Invoice with the new contacts listed which is an invalid legal document. This is not only confusing, but could cause audit difficulties.


There appears to be no way to 'lock' invoices from future modification which would solve this problem. To attempt to mitigate the issue, we are changing our processes to avoid editing the contacts on a billing account but there seems to be no way to actually prevent this from happening either.

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@johnyarham  thanks for posting this, I'm sure someone had posted something similar a long time ago, however can't find the idea. Let's get things moving with this one!


This is quite an issue for us too. Zuora should be able to track the bill-to/sold-to contact changes history throughout time.


For example invoice for May was invoiced for contact A. As of june though, contact A changes to contact B (changed name and/or address). Payment for the may invoice is however done in june, so once the payment is made, the invoice is automatically updated with the payment info, however it now has contact details of contact B, which is completely wrong and confusing! I hope Zuora addresses this issue soon. I know we are not the only ones with this issue.


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