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Payment Method Nicknames

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Payment Method Nicknames

A lot of UX designers are suggesting that it would be helpful to offer customers the ability to have a nickname for their payment methods.



  • "My home AMEX card" (37**********1115) AMEX [primary] [delete]
  • "backup card for emergencies"  (41********1111) VISA [delete]
  • "corporate card" (55*******4444) MC [delete]

As such I'd like to request Zuora add one field (free text) to the Payment Method object where we can store such data.


Zuora recently added support for custom fields on payment methods. You can simply add a field and use this to store the friendly name to display to the customer.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

Since Zuora supports custom fields on payment methods, further investment in creating a specific payment method nickname field in the Payment Method object is unlikely. As the other comment states, you can still achieve this if you add a payment method custom field and use this to store the nickname to display to the customer.