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Optimize JS files used in HPM page

Currently, there are a number of JS (20+) files being downloaded from apisandboxstatic.zuora.com (non-prod) and static.zuora.com. Some of these js files are minified but others are not. From the time the iframe request gets made by the client browser and the page renders (including downloading all the JS files etc), it is adding anywhere from 5-7secs of additional response times depending on where the request is being made from geographically (requests from Dublin, Ireland seem to suffer the most in terms of performance). We believe that we can easily increase the performance of the Zuora iframe by simply minifying and compressing all the JS files into one download which would greatly increase response times for the end user. Also, if Zuora is not using a CDN to serve up its static assets, we recommend using a CDN to deliver static content. What we want to find out from Zuora is, is this a change that you guys can do on your end? If so, when can it be made available for us to use?

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