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Invoices Email sends URL not PDF

Invoices Email sends URL not PDF

To help get through the various spam filters, can Zuora manage sending a link in an email to download the invoice PDF without a login or other authentication?  This would greatly help in email delivery.


A possible alternative is to have an intermediary service that performs the authenicated request to Zuora, which then returns the invoice PDF.


Since this is a publicly available service, the link should have a hashed parameter to prevent "hunting & pecking". The hashed parameter could consist of invoice number, invoice id and maybe even a timestamp, like created date.




@fredkao We currently have this running for our customers using a very simple service on Google AppEngine. We use a combination of the invoice id + account id to allow download of the invoice. Given that both of these are non-sequential this, combined with rate limiting, provides a reasonable level of protection from someone guessing values to retrieve invoices.


We are launching a billing portal soon and the links will eventually change to redirect the customer to their online account to see their invoice in the future.