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Discount end date to be considered

Discount end date to be considered


We are having an issue related to the discount end date. Some of our business units offer discounts to the customer which are not aligned to the billing period of the customer; such as the billing period is quarterly, but the discount should be applied for 4 months, or the billing period is annual and the discount should be applied only to 6 months out of 12.

There is the end date setting on the rate plan charge of the discount product, but that is not considered (even if it is set as a fixed period after the charge is triggered or specific date). What happens is that the discount will be applied to the full billing period.

We need to find a way to cover this use case. From my perspective, using that discount end date setting would be the best, because that is supposed to end the charge when we are saying to it to end.


Thank you.