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Customisable external payment method type

Customisable external payment method type



We need to set up a custom external payment method.


Currently Zuora proposes External Payment Method feature which is great, but it presents a limited number of values to be set as the type of external payment method.


It would be very useful to give modern business the flexibility to offer one and the ame product SKU as free and not free at the same time, based on period, and/or based on account/subscription level.


Just removing the validation of the "type": " " property and allowing to add any custom alphanumerical value agianst it will benefit a lot more to anyone who has a campaigns based business model.


Currently this field only accepts the following string Enum:"ACH" "ApplePay" "BankTransfer""Cash" "Check" "CreditCard""CreditCardReferenceTransaction" "DebitCard""Other" "PayPal" "WireTransfer"
Vasil, BA
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