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BillingPreviewRun needs to support a cancel request

BillingPreviewRun needs to support a cancel request

Recently (21st April 2019) Zuora Production US upon upgrading their Network Systems failed to process the BillingPreviewRun requests. This left a running request stalled for over a week wreaking mayhem on our reporting processes. Despite we figuring out the issue after a week, we could not solve the problem ourselves because the BillingPreviewRun only supports create and query calls and one cannot start a new request for all batches if the previous request is still processing. I request Zuora to provide a Cancel a BillingPreviewRun that is processing. 

Support SME

Hi ankurlalit, 

Please create a support ticket via our support portal support.zuora.com and request terminate the processing BPR. 


Advanced Tutor

Hi Yong



Thank you for the suggestion. I forgot to mention that we did raise a support ticket and the BillingPreview Run request was cancelled by the support staff. As you can see in my original message, my suggestion was to allow cancellation on the BillingPreview Run so that the customers of Zuora have some mechanism to address this on their own, to which you suggested to raise a support request to cancel the bill preview run. I am still waiting for a comment/message from you guys which I can accept as a solution. 

Support SME

Thank you @ankurlalit for the explanation. I have moved this topic to our idea section. Before this request is implemented, please reach out to zuora support to terminate a BPR if needed. 

Reference: https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#tag/Billing-Preview-Run