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Billing Preview REST API to return tax amounts (in priority for tax-inclusive)



Currently the Billing Preview REST API (https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/POST_BillingPreview) computes the Tax for tax inclusive charges, deducts it from the PRPC amount, returns it in field chargeAmount, and returns 0 in the taxAmount:


    "accountId": "xxxx",
    "invoiceItems": [
            "chargeAmount": <Untaxed Amount>,
            "taxAmount": 0,
    "creditMemoItems": [],
    "success": true

As a result, we can't estimate the customer's next invoice amount as the tax has been removed by the API, and is wrongly returned as 0.

If the customer was tax-exclusive this could be acceptable (though a bit limitation) as customer may expect a tax exclusive amount in the end. 


The documentation says "The BillingPreview call does not calculate taxes for charges in the subscription.", however this statement is not really correct, as the tax is calculated, is deducted, and is then wrongly reported in the taxAmount field (for tax inclusive)


Please change the API so that the tax is reported in charge

At the same time the tax-exclusive behavior shall also be fixed (currently the taxAmount is also zero)


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Savvy Scholar

This is a major impediment to being able to easily use this API and causes us to keep local copies of inclusive tax rates which can cause problems for customers.  This should definitely be fixed per the psot above.