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Automate Payment Gateway switch on primary Payment Gateway fail

Automate Payment Gateway switch on primary Payment Gateway fail

Currently, in order to switch Payment Gateways, it must be done manually through the Zuora UI. We have asked Zuora if there is an API available to switchover via code so we can automate it, or have them automate it on their side, and this feature is currently unavailable. It would be awesome for this feature to be implemented.


This would be a great feature in the case of a Payment Gateway failure (e.g. the recent Vantiv outage) so Zuora users could automatically switch their Payment Gateway and have no downtime for customers.


Currently, in the case the primary Payment Gateway goes down, Zuora admins have to manually switch the Payment Gateway in the Zuora UI, which can lead to long periods of downtime for customers until the Zuora users discover the outage/service disruption and make the change.

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Hi hannahapuan, this is a great suggestion and very critical for B2C recurring billing. We use a strategy to help protect our business against these types of outages and I'm happy to share with you if you'd like to chat about it.
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We have been asking for this feature for a while as well, it seems Zuora just introduced this for recurring /existing subs only within their new product "Zuora Collect": https://www.zuora.com/products/collect/


However, using a secondary gateway is still not possible one new subs/payments if you use Zuora's HPMs.