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Allow Invoice to show SoldTo from Subscription Owner instead of Invoice Owner

  1. Summary of the enhancement?
    For scenarios where the invoice owner is different from the subscription owner, there should be an option to show the contact details (specifically for SoldTo) from the subscription owner. This should be allowed when Invoice is generated separately for a subscription.

  2. What is the business problem?
    Customer would like to show the contact selected during quote process as SoldTo, instead of Invoice Owner contact details

  3. What is the business impact?
    Manual update to Invoice required

  4. Is there a workaround or is the customer blocked? If there is a workaround, what is it? Is the customer willing to apply this workaround?
    Custom solution to capture Zuora Bill run callouts and update custom fields on the Invoice level. Maybe. 

  5. What is the proposed solution (if available)?
    See #4

  6. Name of the customer(s) affected:

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

This request is just mandatory to justify the tax rates in the invoices. Due to the cardinality reason (we can have several subscriptions in one invoice), the detail for the SoldTo can be in the subscription table.