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Ability to hide the multiple bill run tab

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Ability to hide the multiple bill run tab

When creating a bill run from a customers account, two tabs load. One for multiple bill runs and one for a single customer.


I would like the ability to hide the multiple bill run option so that agents do not make mistakes when working through a list of customers. Sometimes due to loading speed of the web page, the single customer tab is not selected immediately and an agent can accidentally create a bill run that affects the entire customer base.


If there could be a permission that hides the tab or makes it so an agent can only create a bill run for a single customer at a time this would reduce the chance for error.

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Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Currently in Zuora under the Administration settings for managing user roles, there is a permission for Billing roles where if the user has the specified role in which the permission is checked/unchecked the user will be able/unable to create bill runs for multiple accounts based on what is selected. For more information from the Knowledge Center for Billing user permissions that can be changed for Billing roles see here