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unified search in Zuora UI

unified search in Zuora UI

It's a significant source of friction that I can't search for an object until I click on that object name in the sidebar, then the search window on the right.


Please give us a unified search field, displayed on all UI pages in the same location, that searches all objects. So, for instance, if I enter "INV0000123" it gets me to an invoice, and if I enter "Foobar" it displays accounts and subscriptions named foobar*.


Also, if there is only a single hit (as for instance, "INV000123" would produce), then take me directly to the record.




We would also like an improvement on the searching in Zuora.  I like the idea of a generic search box in the same location.


It should allow us to enter an Account name, contact name, numbers (custom fields created to hold IDs), phone, email, a record number (account, subscription, invoice, payment, etc), etc, and it'll search all objects.


Difinatly like the idea if type in INV000123, it takes me directly to that record.  no use returning a list of 1 result and having to click on the only result.


Great Idea!!!  The searches can be daunting.  I hope this ones gets some good attention