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Zuora sandbox refresh with a copy of production data

Zuora sandbox refresh with a copy of production data

Hello Zuora Support,

In salesforce we have the option to create "full" copy of production environment in a full salesforce sandbox environment.

Do you have the same in Zuora or are you planning to have the same functionality in Zuora please ? It would be great to have the configurations and at least be able to have a subset of production data in a Zuora sandbox environment, for example via an environment 'refresh functionality'.


Thanking you in advance

Kind regards


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I have the same questions, if there is a solution please post it here.

Zuora Product Team
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Dear Madhvi and @arifyasin, this capability is supported today via "Services" environments in Zuora. This is an additional environment that can be periodically refreshed with scrubbed Production data (we purge PII information, like Credit Card numbers, and e-mail addresses), so that you can perform regression testing, etc. Please reach out to your Zuora Account Executive  if you're interested in one of these environments, but please aware that, today, these environments are set up for a fee.