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Sync Email notifications to Salesforce

Sync Email notifications to Salesforce

We send our customers notifications about upcoming renewal dates and other changes to their account (late payment notices, etc.)


Currently there is no easy way to sync these email notifications to our CRM (Salesforce). This is vital information that our sales team should have access to when having conversations with their customers. Because they don't have access to Zuora, they have no way to know that there may be other communications with the customer around their subscriptions.


We looked into building this out with a webhook, where authentication needs to be handled when calling the exposed apex endpoint. However, this can not be done with the Zuora callout functionality. What probably needs to happen is a new billing endpoint needs to be created, and that endpoint will do a callout to salesforce to create the note. TL;DR - we need engineers to help us implement this.


We would like this to be a built out feature of Zuora's 360 sync or some other way to handle the communications through a configuration. Surely this is something that other businesses want to have available for teams that aren't in Zuora's interface? 

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To add to this, it would be great if the emails could be logged as email "activities" in Salesforce so that we can view them along with other customer communications more easily.


We've encountered the same problem. In addition, it would be great if Zuora provided out of the box functionality to send/generate renewal URLs. This requires us to do a lot of development work.