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Support CNAMEs for Sandboxes

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Support CNAMEs for Sandboxes

Having multiple Zuora Sandboxes, we find it rather confusing/unintuitive that we need to remember individual Zuora subdomain access URLs we can't change like http://services479.zuora.com for accessing our Services Sandboxes, since those Zuora Services numbers have no meaning for our business.


Request is to allow customers to set the CNAME for each Sandbox, or at least have a unified CNAME for all Sandbox logins, such as Salesforce.com does with https://test.salesforce.com


I'm sure this would help other Zuora customers organize environment access as well.

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Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Make sense, @jalbino. We're cooking up a feature on our longer-term roadmap to revamp the Services environment offering, and this will be definitely considered there.