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Separate Contact edit permission from 'Modify Account'

Separate Contact edit permission from 'Modify Account'

We are working with our ops team to reduce the number of manual account updates that their team has to perform, particularly related to editing Contacts or adding e-mails to the 'Additional E-mails' text box.


Our hope was to create a specific profile for our Collections team to allow them to make changes to these fields. After looking at potential options, it seems that both Contact edits and 'Additional Email' edits are both grouped under the 'Modify Account' permission that also give access to ANY other field on an account level.


Some of the custom Account fields we have created have end user provisioning impact, so from an audit perspective we cannot grant access to these users to edit all fields.


I would like to request added functionality to be able to separate the permissions to edit contacts/addtl e-mail text box from the full 'Modify Account' permission set. This would be a big help to the efficiency of their team.

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Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a reasonable idea. We'll consider it for inclusion in a future release.