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Provide signed links for PDFs and files

Use Case: Displaying invoice PDFs to our customers
Because accessing Zuora PDFs requires secret credentials, we can't give the links out to our users. Instead we have to create our own HTTP endpoint which can download the Zuora PDF with secret credentials and pipe the content back to our customers. We have to follow the guidance here: https://community.zuora.com/t5/API/How-to-get-invoice-PDF-and-display-to-user/m-p/15549/highlight/tr...
This means we have to build:
1. Our own PDF endpoint to handle talking to Zuora's PDF endpoint
2. Front-end logic to access this PDF endpoint, and for security this cannot be just an HTML anchor tag. We have to write javascript code to download the PDF from our server and open it in a new tab.
Solution: If Zuora's PDF URLs were signed links with expirations, we could simply give those URLs out to our customers, and have nothing additional to build. This would save us a significant amount of time during integration.