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More granular Z-Billing Permissions (especially around Usage uploads, Bill Runs and Invoices)

More granular Z-Billing Permissions (especially around Usage uploads, Bill Runs and Invoices)

There is already the ability to define whether a user can create accounts / contacts and add subscriptions, however by default this user can also cancel bill runs and cancel and delete draft invoices. It would be beneficial to lock down the access to Bill runs and other functionality. There are most likely other functions a user with basic Z-Billing permissions can access as well. 

Provide the ability for a user to upload usage files without accessing other key billing areas such as bill runs and invoices. 

Rationale for this: the ability to create a user that can create accounts / contacts and assign subscriptions, but does not have access to other critical billing area functions. The ability for the Ops team members to add usage files reported out of production systems without affecting

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Especially the permission to delete posted invoices is something we would like. In some cases inexperienced users delete invoices, which should be absolutely forbidden in a productin environment due to regulation. Could that be implemented? 

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@dirkjanvanvliet The ability to delete posted invoices is usually turned off via a Zuora Support accessible permission for all Production tenants. This is the recommended best practice. If you have this permission turned on in your tenant, I'd recommend that you request turn it off for you, to prevent any such action ever taking place.

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@dirkjanvanvliet: PM me and I can turn off the permission which allows users to delete posted invoices. As @lukasz mentioned, we recommend that you do not have that permission in an active production tenant. It is intended for the cleaning up of test invoices.

I think there is a bit of confusion in the discussion above:

Deleting of posted invoices is not possible: 'unpost posted invoices' will create a draft invoice: it is really deleting of any Cancelled and any Draft invoice that creates very serious issues in Europe.

Because the invoice number is really lost in Zuora: no way to prove to the tax authorities what was on it, and what the status was (cancelled/draft and not send).

So by law the most important fiscal requirement on invoicing is to have a consecutive invoice number range.


The status says 'implemented', but the request was to prevent deleting: it is still not an option to prevent users from deleting any type of invoices: so please update the status accordingly.



By the way:

This deleting of invoices can also happen when you delete an account with invoices on it (in whatever status the invoices are): fortunately this can be prevented in a custom role, so a solution like this would be great!


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@alexanderdemes thank you for that clarification. Correct, deleting of Cancelled or Draft Invoices is currently not permisioned.