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Customize the displayed columns on List Views

Customize the displayed columns on List Views

Feature Request: Ability to add / remove displayed columns on different List Views (e.g., Customer Accounts, Subscriptions, Invoices, Payments, etc)

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE7332

Business Need:

Currently, each List View provides a default set of columns for the customers to view.  However, it may not be helpful to all customers since different customers have different interests.  With the ability to customize the List Views, the customers can select the columns with useful information to them.

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Status changed to: Unlikely

Are there any workarounds for this request.  I was thinking to create a report, but the html format does not allow you to drill in.

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this helps a lot and is something  many users of zuora are familiar with from their experience with salesforce. 


For our case it is helpful to add custom fields on the list view of invoices. The custom field is called InvoiceType e.g. onetime, recurring or usage invoice. If displayed in the list view, one could see the invoice type right away and does not have to guess based on the invoice amount and date which invoice type it is.