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Better Enumeration of Schema Through REST API

It would be usefult to have a better enumeration of object schema when using the REST API.


My use case is to warehouse Zura data for my company.  To that end, I am incrementally refreshing a number of objects into a database.  I have attempted to automate the creation of queries submitted through the Actions (Query/QueryMore) API.


However I have run into the problem that it is not possible to determine what object fields may be returned using the Actions (Query) API.  I have enumerated all the objects available in my instance as well ad their available schema information using the Describe API.


The Describe API enumerates field names and labels well.  The Describe API also informs whether a field is selectable.  There are fields which are claimed to be selectable in the result of the Describe API which give an 'invalid field' error when one tries to select them using the Actions (Query) API.


In support ticket #164757 I was informed that there is not a good means to determine which fields are selectable using the REST API.  Thus, I am opening this Idea to request this enhancement to the product.


As a further enhancement, better data type information could be conveyed for the different fields in the Zuora objects.  Having better data type information helps to automate the creation (and maintenance) of tables in our data warehouse.  I have used the Salesforce SObject Describe API in just this way.  Enhancing the Zuora Describe API to include functionality similar to the Salesforce SOBject Describe API would be very welcome.


Warm regards,

Jim Williams