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Allow setting the API URL/username/password via NamespaceUtil APEX class

The Zuora Quotes managed Salesforce package currently does not expose programatic access to the API URL/username/password. This means that when we create a fresh dev sandbox in Salesforce from production instance, the live API credentials make it to the dev sandbox. This is not cool.


Salesforce provides a mechanism for automatically running an APEX class after sandbox creation where these API connection details could be changed. But at the moment these connection details cannot be changed from within APEX.


I suggest you allow for setting these three values (but never getting them) via few new methods in the NamespaceUtil class. We already have setters like setPackageInstallStatus() in there. That way we can add this to our RunAfterSandboxCreation APEX class which would point our fresh dev Salesforce sandboxes to our dev sandbox in Zuora.