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API to migrate custom field and entity settings

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API to migrate custom field and entity settings

Scenario here is to migrate all the settings and configurations from one environment to other say, from sandbox to Performance testing environment. This could potentially include all the custom fields created under different objects and all the possible settings under Billing, Payment, Finance etc tabs.

Currently these configurations and settings are performed manually across different environments. We are looking for a way to migrate these using some API calls if possible.

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Any SLA when the idea would be reviewed and taken into consideration for implementation.



It is very useful, and very standard requirement for all system service providers, to introduce a safe and easy deployment steps in any change release process.


Make sure to check out: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Central_Platform/API/BB_C_Settings_API/Overview_of_Settings_API

We've been complaining about DevOps tools for Zuora since adoption a couple of years ago, and at Subscribed 2019 Zuora committed to further work on the Settings API.  They're still not all the way there yet, but it has improved since initial release in mid 2020.  There is a Postman collection there too.