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  • 1.  Upcoming Zuora UI Changes

    Posted 06-24-2022 03:57
    Edited by Lana Lee 06-27-2022 07:33
    Hi everyone -
    I have a couple of very exciting announcements to make in today's post:

    Announcing sunset of the Legacy UI in Zuora Billing

    You have probably noticed the newly restyled Zuora Billing UI that has been introduced to your tenants a few months ago. This "Restyled" UI was the first step in a journey to revamp the overall UX of Zuora's applications. This first step brings us consistency across all the pages of Zuora's applications, including Collect and Revenue products!

    The Restyled UI has been an opt-out feature, which means users can choose to disable the Restyled UI experience in favor of our beloved Legacy UI. We are very proud to announce that this Restyled UI has been generally available in Production environments since 2022.05.R2, and we are ready to announce the sunset of the Legacy UI experience.
    The user-level setting called "New Style" will be deprecated in the 2022.07.R2 release, and the Restyled UI will become the default experience for all users. Meanwhile, we are going to sunset the Legacy UI from all environments over the next 3 months. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Zuora Global Support.

    Announcing New Zuora UI Experiences: Reinvented List Views & Global Search

    We continue to steam forward in revamping and enhancing the UX of Zuora's applications! We are proud to announce the upcoming GA release of two new Zuora UI Experience: Reinvented List Views & Global Search.

    The List Views have been a concept in Zuora Billing for years. This coming release brings a fresh new experience to the List Views with a few exciting new additions. You will notice a host of new UX improvements including higher information density and upgraded features like filtering on ranges. This release makes these views generally available to all customer tenants. It is the default experience for all users; however, users have the option to opt-out of the New Zuora UI Experience in their user profile. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality experience to our users.

    The Global Search feature has been a highly requested feature that we are very excited to deliver to all Zuora users. This feature will also be made generally available to all customers in August. This feature adds a Search Bar in the navigation header of Zuora Billing and Collect, made available to all users who login. Users can enter search terms there to find Accounts, Subscriptions, Orders, Invoices, and Payments. We will continue to expand the scope of search to include more data on Zuora's platform. Stay tuned for more as we continue to invest in this feature!

    Li Tian