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  • 1.  Release 2023.01.R1 - January 2023

    Posted 12-22-2022 06:20

    Release 2023.01.R1 is scheduled to be available soon. For details of the product changes in this release, see the release notes.

    • Available in Sandbox environments: January 4 - 6
    • Available in Production environments: January 10 - 12

    This release will affect Billing, Collect, and Central Platform. Product changes and release dates are subject to change. We will reply to this post if there are any updates.

    Additional resources:

  • 2.  RE: Release 2023.01.R1 - January 2023

    Posted 01-06-2023 12:58
    Sandbox deployment for 2023.01.R1 is complete.

    We have updated the release notes (here) with the following change:

    Within Zuora Central Platform > Workflow, add an item called "Updated ignore pending status for new workflows".

  • 3.  RE: Release 2023.01.R1 - January 2023

    Posted 01-12-2023 18:23
    Production deployment for 2023.01.R1 is complete.