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Reinvented Subscription Detail Page

  • 1.  Reinvented Subscription Detail Page

    Posted 06-08-2022 03:48
    Hello Zuora Community,

    I'm excited to announce the new Subscription Detail Page will be released in the next couple of weeks to sandbox environments. You can enable the New Style setting on the user profile to enable this page.

    The reinvented subscription details page is introduced to the Zuora UI with the following highlights:

    • Tabbed page with a new look and feel for ease of use
    • Existing functions in the previous UI smoothly retained
    • Functional enhancements to improve customer experience

    Overview tab

    • The Current MRR, TCV, and Ending MRR metrics of a subscription are now available on top of the Overview tab.
    • You can now click the drop-down arrow within the subscription status icon to view the change history of the Subscription Status.
    • Several term dates are now available in the Terms & Conditions section, including the subscription start and end dates as well as the current term start and end dates.
    • In the Terms & Conditions section, you can click "View Term History" to view the change history of the subscription term and identify the current term.

    Included Products tab

    • The Status column is now available to present the Charge Status (e.g. Active, Inactive). 
    • The Show Removed toggle is now available to display those removed charges.
    • A clock icon next to the charge name is now available to display the charge start and end dates, charge change history, and charge metrics (This function has replaced the View By Key Statistics function on the previous subscription details page)
    • A search bar is now available on top of the Included Products tab. You can do a global search for a product or charge by any keyword. 

    Subscription Change History tab

    • The Created On and Created By columns are now available in the subscription change history table which is horizontally scrollable to show more columns.
    • A search bar is now available on top of the Subscription Change History tab. You can do a global search for a subscription of a certain version by any keyword.

    Attachments tab

    • You can still upload attachment files and delete attachment files, and you can search the files.
    • The support for downloading existing attachment files is planned for future releases.

    Subscription Preview

    A new look on the preview page as well, now you can see the Reversed Invoice and the relevant Credit Memo.

    Feedback & Supports

    The reinvented subscription details page is in the Beta phase and will not be deployed to Production environments until further notice. If you have any further questions or feedback, fill out this form.

    To disable the reinvented subscription details page for individual users, edit the user profile to clear the New Style setting. Note that the reinvented list views will also be disabled. To disable the reinvented subscription details page across all users within a tenant, contact Zuora Global Support.

    Thank you!

    Fang Zhang