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Meet the Zuora Community Manager

  • 1.  Meet the Zuora Community Manager

    Posted 11-06-2023 14:50
    Edited by Lana Lee 11-06-2023 14:51

    In the past, Ive put the spotlight on others within Zuora to showcase all of their efforts behind the scenes. I didnt realize that perhaps Community members might want to learn more about the person who actually holds down the fort here!

    My role in the Zuora Community

    As the Community Manager, Im here to vouch and advocate for all community members by

    • Monitoring and moderating all community discussions. Yes, I read every post that comes into the Community!
    • Ensuring that Community members are getting their issues addressed
    • Keeping users informed of any Zuora updates
    • Reaching out to Zuora teams so that members can get the responses they need
    • Working with internal teams (product, marketing, support, documentation, engineering) to promote new features, services, etc. to the community.
    • Listening to feedback about the Community in the Community Insiders group.

    What if my issues arent being addressed?

    @mention the original poster and ask them if they have any updates. What this does is that it kindly nudges them to respond. Ill also take note of your mention.

    What if I have no response to a question Ive asked?

    Contact me directly. Ill reach out the team member(s) who can give you a reply.

    What upcoming programs are you working on?

    From our feedback results, members wanted to see more training and have access to Zuora experts. Since then, Ive launched the SME Sessions group where Zuora Subject Matter Experts will post training videos (pre-recorded and live) at least once a month. Have a topic youd like covered? Share it with us.

    I'm also close to launching our Superuser program for Community members who are highly specialized and/or engaged. If youre interested in this program, please become a Community Insider as Ill be posting program updates there.

    Let's chat...
    You can always reach out or schedule a call with me about anything related to the Community.


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