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Community Updates: "Community Groups" and Search Sub-topics

  • 1.  Community Updates: "Community Groups" and Search Sub-topics

    Posted 10-06-2022 09:21
    We're continually working on ways to improve your community experience so that you can quickly reach the areas you need to go to find the information that you need.  Some of the latest improvements are as follows:

    Name Change: Community Groups
    You may have noticed that community spaces like Analytics and Workflow were called "communities", which is redundant since we are already in the Zuora Community (e.g. "Head over to the Analytics community in the Zuora Community").  To minimize this confusion, we've renamed those spaces as groups - Analytics Group, Workflow Group, etc. You can access your groups by going to the top navigation's "Community" and selecting "My Groups" that shows your existing group memberships or "All Groups" which displays all groups you are in or can join.

    New Search Subtopics for a Targeted Search Experience
    When you search the community, some topics like Billing are monolithic in that Billing topics can be about bill runs, invoices, taxes, etc.  making your Community search experience a challenge.  In an effort to make content more granular, we've added subtopics to the Topics search filter.  Additionally, the sub-topics are aligned with those in the Knowledge Center so it creates a more unified search experience across our platforms.

    To toggle the sub-topics, simply go to the Topics section of a search results page and click on the topic with a down arrow if there is content to display; we do not display sub-topics with zero results.  Check any boxes next to topics or subtopics to streamline your search results.

    Community Questions or Feedback? Please share them with me below.

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist