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  • 1.  [ACTION REQUIRED] New Outbound IP Addresses from Zuora

    Posted 10-24-2023 17:20
    Edited by Scott Blashek 01-30-2024 11:23
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    What is this change?

    As we continue to expand our services and cloud infrastructure, we need to introduce new outbound IP addresses as services are expanded or upgraded in order to accommodate these new services.  

    What action do I need to take?

    If your organization actively restricts IP addresses from Zuora, you will need to add the updated IP addresses listed in our documentation. Please review this with your Security and IT teams responsible for your applications allow list. If no action is taken, this may impact your ability to send out emails or make outbound API calls from Zuora (for example, to Payment Gateways,, or the callout/email notification features)

    This may apply to select email or payment integrations if they also have security features around IP restrictions.

    What will this change affect?

    This change will affect ALL Zuora Billing customers who actively restrict outbound communications from Zuora.

    When will this change take place?

    We anticipate that the new IP addresses listed on our documentation page (as "effective starting…") will be introduced on the following schedule.

    API Sandbox (NA1, NA2 & EU)  / Central Sandbox (US & EU)  - on or after March 10, 2024 (Updated)
    Production  (NA1, NA2 & EU)  - on or after March 10, 2024 (Updated)

    IP addresses to add to allow list

    For added IP addresses, please see our Knowledge Center article :

    Inbound and Outbound IP Addresses

  • 2.  RE: [ACTION REQUIRED] New Outbound IP Addresses from Zuora

    Posted 02-01-2024 06:08
    Edited by Lana Lee 02-01-2024 06:08
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    Please note, we have extended the deadline at which the new IPs will start rolling out in our infrastructure. 

    These new IP addresses will come online on or after March 10, 2024 for all environments. This means that, if you currently allowlist any IP addresses from Zuora, you should additionally allowlist the new ones at this time. Leave the current IP addresses allowlisted for now, and you will be notified when to remove them once the new ones come online. Failing to allowlist these new IPs will eventually result in integration-breaking risk for customers who actively allowlist Zuora IPs.  Please review with your IT and/or Security teams accordingly.

    Please see Inbound and Outbound IP Addresses for the new IP detail and breakdown

    Can Zuora tell me if I'm impacted by this change?
    Unfortunately, we cannot. Allowlists are maintained by the customer, typically by the Security or IT organization, and are completely unknown and transparent to Zuora.  We have no way to determine if these measures or policies are in place for any given customer. 

    Not all customers utilize this feature, but those who do may see impact if no action is taken which is why it is critical to review with your internal teams.