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About the Zuora Community Resource Library

  • 1.  About the Zuora Community Resource Library

    Posted 12-11-2023 17:30

    The Zuora Community Resource Library (formerly known as the Community Video Library) is a list of resources exclusively found in the community and created by Zuora subject matter experts.  In the past, these resources have been spread apart in different groups where one had to search for or bookmark their "go-to" best practices, templates, walkthroughs, etc.  Now, we're curating everything into an all-encompassing library for easy access and browsing.  

    We will always be adding to the library and are looking for assets we might have overlooked.  So if there is any content that is helpful to you and isn't in the library, please let me know via email or in the Community Insiders group.  Additionally, please let us know if any information needs updating.

    How to Use This Group

    1. By joining, you can receive email updates of the latest additions and updates to the library.  Review your notification settings here
      • Real-time and daily digest notifications will only notify you of discussion posts
      • Consolidated notifications will include notifications about library and blog updates.  
    2.  When you visit the library, browse through the folder structure by clicking on the folder icon and the respective tree.  Learn more about navigating the library here.
    3. If you find any asset helpful, please "Like" it so that we know what's useful.
    4. For questions related to the resource, please reply to the direct content so that the subject matter expert can address it.

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist