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Become Effective and Confident with Mass Updates 

Become Effective and Confident with Mass Updates
Andrew Keith, Monique Romero, Esteban Abarca, Avinash Kumar
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Knowing how to prepare, execute and validate mass updates is a very important skill to know as a Zuora user. On January 16, 2024 the Managed Services team provided an overview of Workflow, DevTools (Developer Tools), API (Postman), and Data Loader. We encourage you to try out these tools on your own. Always run your mass updates in a sandbox environment prior to executing in Production.

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The video below covers the following topics (click links to learn more):

  1. Overview of Mass Updates - Examples, use cases, steps to run
  2. Methods of Mass Updates - Workflow
  3. DEMO - Mass Updates with Workflow
  4. Methods of Mass Updates - DevTools
  5. DEMO - Mass Updates with DevTools
  6. Methods of Mass Updates - Zuora API
  7. DEMO - Zuora API via Postman
  8. Methods of Mass Updates - Data Loader
  9. DEMO - Data Loader
  10. Conclusion
  11. Additional Resources

About Zuora Managed Services

Zuora Managed Services provides an operationalized service to manage your Zuora installation by overseeing day-to-day activity, monitoring Zuora processes, and addressing issues that surface. The team of 20+ members works with other back-end Zuora teams as needed in response to production issues.  Learn more

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